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We have thought of something more than a traditional conference, something combining mathematics communication, captivating entertainment and with a focus on social issues. This is how a 1.5 hour conference was born, where we demolish the most common false beliefs on gambling, and we let the audience know about the real chances to win by playing Win for Life or Scratchcard. All of this through gambling simulations, videos and a continuous interaction with the public.

The conference was presented for the first time in Torino at Teatro Colosseo, on January 13th 2011 and starting from there, since it was so successful and well covered by the media, it was replicated about 90 times each year in Schools, Municipalities, Local Health Authorities, and Universities and has involves, so far, more than 90 thousands people in 16 of the 20 Italian Regions but also in France and Switzerland.

January 10th 2014

The series of this year Fate il Nostro Gioco™ conferences on gambling mathematics started on January 19th, at the Juventus Spa Media Center in Vinovo, and we hope its voice can be heard all around Italy, even more than in 2014! In the second year of its life, thanks to the efforts by Health Care and Education Departments of Piedmont Region and in collaboration with Osservatorio Antiusura del Consiglio regionale (Anti-usury observatory), the conference will be held in over 30 schools just in Piedmont. And it will also visit a number of places around Italy. We hope our message could be heard loud and clear, especially by students, and it may provide some critical information in a field dominated by one-way advertisment.


For further information on conference details and fees please contact us.