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«Les jeux sont faits», says the croupier after spinning the ball that is going to race around the 37 numbers of the roulette wheel. A bunch of guys is sitting around the green table following the ball bouncing unpredictably. “17, black, odd”. Some grimace, one player receives 36 chips just like the one she bet. We are not in Sanremo or Las Vegas, but in one of the halls of the interactive Fate il Nostro Gioco™ exhibition.

Visitors become familiar with the laws of mathematics regarding chance, probability, during the tour, and without needing to learn boring formulas when they have the chance to bet their chips at a real roulette table, make wagers on dice, pull the lever of an original slot-machine, play with a Scratchcard or a Win For Life ticket. All of the emotions are real: in here, just in here, the money you lose gambling is not real.

Hall 1_
Is it more likely for th Earth to be torn apart by asteroid 99942-Apophis in 2068 or for a player to win 3,000 euros every month for twenty years with Win for Life? 1. With the aim of investigating the concept of probability and its intrinsic counter-intuitivity, the audience is asked to play three different games: the famous 3 door Monty Hall problem (in a 1:1 scale), the "experiment of the confetti cube" (as we called it) and a "probability game".

Hall 2_
It is the throbbing heart of the whole exhibition, a real betting hall. The guides wear the traditional waistcoat and turn themselves into croupiers to play casino games with the audience, including French Roulette, Blackjack, Poker Texas-Hold’em and some public gambling games such as Slot Machines, Lotto, Superenalotto, Win For Life and Scratchcards. The rules and the dealer's margin for every game are being explained to the audience, highlighting the relationship between the odds of winning and the dealer's payout to the winning bets. After bets are placed the game data is then collected (all the money that has been bet, won and lost) with dedicated software updating the overall balance graph (at the exhibition and online) in real time, making sure that, in the long run, a gambler's personal balance gets progessively worse and tends to get closer to the theoretical balance that can be calculated mathematically beforehand. The so called “foolproof methods to win” are analysed for every game: doubling up for the roulette, counting Blackjack cards, chasing after overdue Lotto numbers and some famous strategies slot-machine players use.

Hall 3_
Pathological gamblers tell their stories in a video clip, to stimulate reflection and spark a brief debate on the consequences of pathological gambling.

Video clip_
This is a video being shot during the exhibition in Trento, where music and editing do justice to the high level of interaction between the audience and our guides at Fate il Nostro Gioco™, exhibition, where the only static thing was the name "exhibition".

© Video by Andrea Conci

where the exhibition has been and where it is going to go

In 2009 the exhibition took place in Genoa, at the 7th edition of Festival della Scienza (Science Festival) from October 23 to November 1 at Palazzo del Principe Andrea Doria.
In 2010 the exhibition took place in Genoa for a second time, at the 8th edition of Festival della Scienza from October 29 to November 7 at Palazzo della Meridiana and in Turin at ESOF2010, the most important European event regarding research and innovation, from July 2 to 7 at Palazzo Graneri della Roccia, the building hosting Circolo dei Lettori e degli Artisti (Readers and Artists' Club) in Turin, one of the most active and prestigious cultural places in town.
In 2013the exhibition took place in Trento from March 15 to April 18 at Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto building and in Bolzano from October 14 to November 16 at Sparkasse building in the centre of the Trentino Alto-Adige county seat.

The exhibition, in the form of a laboratory, took place in Malè (province of Trento) from September 30 to October 4 2014.
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