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the project in 133 words

Fate il Nostro Gioco™ results from an objective and a firm belief. The objective was that of revealing rules, little secrets and great truths regarding the huge phenomenon of gambling in Italy. The belief is that the best way to do this is by using mathematics as a sort of logical antidote, to raise awareness concerning gambling and unveil its hidden sides.

Fate il Nostro Gioco™ is based on a wide, entirely original, study of the mathematics of gambling, carried out by Paolo Canova and Diego Rizzuto, a mathematician and a physicist from Turin. The project was born in 2009, thanks to an exhibition on gambling mathematics, developing since then and generating a number of activities: a conference, a workshop, a TV format and a training course for teachers and health workers.

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May 6th, 2016

Talking about gambling from a mathematical point of view can be helpful to make people more aware about gambling mechanisms and gambling-related risks? Diego and Paolo did this talk in Milan, at Bocconi University, on the occasion of #TEDxBocconiU. After we set up our exhibition in German, and did our talk in French, we are now trying to bring the project a bit further.

since March, 10 2016 in the bookstores

After more than one year of work, our book Fate il Nostro gioco. Gratta e Vinci, azzardo e matematica, published by Add, can be finally found in the bookstores. The book can also be founde online on Amazon at this link and on Ibs at this link. For presentations of the book, look at the upcoming events on our calendar.

«In the casino the enthusiasm is high: the flash steal souvenir photos, because who knows how many centuries will pass before something like that happen again. The boy, however, sits once more in front of the machine: he puts a couple of dollars into the slot, he chooses 20 numbers, he waits for the extraction and BUM ... he guesses again 19 numbers. Other $ 200,000 won. The probability that all this could happen by chance is low, too low. About 1 in 25,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. 000,000,000,000,000,000. There must be another explenation».

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Stradella March 7th _ 12th, 2016

We set up our laboratory on the mathematics of gambling in Stradella (PV) from March 7th to March 12th , on behalf of the City Hall.
The laboratory has been visites by 603 people (516 students, 31 teachers and 56 adults). Thanks to our science communicators: Matteol Conci and Diego Signore.

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Vimercate Jenuary 18th _ 24th, 2016

We set up our laboratory on the mathematics of gambling in Vimercate from January 18th to January 24th, on behalf of the cities of Carnate, Burago di Molgora, Ornago e Vimercate.
The laboratory has been visites by 955 people (794 students, 64 teachers and 97 adults. Thanks to our science communicators: Silvio Lùgaro and Diego Signore.

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Lecco November 19th _ December 2nd, 2015

We set up our laboratory on the mathematics of gambling in Lecco from November 19th to December 2nd, on behalf of the ASL of Lecco.
The laboratory has been visites by 1.411 people (1.112 students, 110 teachers and 192 adults, 81 of which were pathological gamblers). thanks to our science communicators: Silvio Lùgaro, Diego Signore, Olmo Morandi e Matteo Conci. And thanks to the ASL of Lecco's efficient (and very nice!) team: Damaris, Giorgio, Angelo e Elisa.

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Malè September 30th _ October 4th, 2014

After the good experience we had in Trento and Bolzano in 2013, the exhibition - in the form of an interactive workshop- returned to Trentino-Alto Adige Region in autumn 2014, precisely in Malè, the county town of Val di Sole, at the Comunità della Valle di Sole Building. The workshop was visited by middle and high school students from Valle di Sole and close-by Valle di Non in the morning, and Malè citizens in the afternoon.
The event was organized in collaboration with Progetto Giovani Valle di Sole [Valle di Sole Youth Project], Comunità della Valle di Sole - Associazione Provinciale Per i Minori onlus [Provincial Association for Minors].

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March 27th, 2014 and October 26th, 2015

Diego and Paolo were invited to "Le Iene" TV show, broadcast on ITALIA1 channel on March 27th, 2014 (and on October 26th, 2015) with correspondent Nadia Toffa.

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Bolzano October 14th _ November 16th, 2013

The exhibition in Bolzano has come to an end. Here below are some figures of this unforgettable experience.
In a 334 square metre exhibition space, skilfully lit by 24 LED spotlights, the 3 TAXI1729 business partners together with 3 helpful assistants and 1 architects carried 1,927 kilograms of material in 82 parcels from Turin to Bolzano and set up the exhibition in 4 working days.
The exhibition opened to the public for 34 consecutive days from October 14 to November 16, 2013 2013 at the Academy Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano. Alessia, Andrea, Eloisa, Gabriele, Magdalena e Matteo are the names of the 6 excellent guides, coordinated with great care by Diego and Silvio, that in 762.75 working hours have led 3,207 visitatori (2,501 students and 706 adults, 90 of them were pathological gamblers) through 319 guided tours, lasting 1.5 hours each, equal to 478.5 hours of mathematics and passion.
In conclusion, many many thanks to Peter, Giuditta, Christa, Manuel, Nicole e Florian from Forum Prevenzione, to Senio from Young Caritas and Andreas from Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano.

The exhibition was organized thanks to the support of

in collaboration with Comune di Bolzano, Rete Gioco d'Azzardo, Azienda Sanitaria dell'Alto Adige, Associazione Hands, Caritas, Young Caritas, Fondazione UPAD, Associazione AMA and the Italian, German and Ladin Divisions for Education and Training and with the sponsorship of Merano, Laives, Bressanone and Brunico municipalities.

data gathered in Bolzano from October 14 to November 16, 2013

An experiment at the Roulette table was performed during the exhibition. The aim was to demonstrate the statistical meaning of the so called expected value. In fact, at the roulette table it is possible to calculate that the expected value of a 100 euro bet, with any type of bet (red or black, straight up, split, special combinations,...) is 97 euros and 30 cents. What does this mean? It means that a player betting 100 Euros a number of times at the Roulette will lose 2 euros and 70 cents , on average, for every bet.
At the exhibition, during the guided tour, when we stopped at the roulette table we gave some visitors 100 Euros changed to casino tokens, with the task to bet the whole amount as they wished. After having bet, they took note of the investment balance and calculate its average till that point.
According to the mathematical forecast, the higher the number of players at our roulette table, the more the average balance tent to approach a 2 Euro and 70 cent loss. The experiment data are reported in the graph below: after 1,880 100 Euro bets the players lost 5,130 euros globally, amounting to an average 2 euros and 73 cents for every bet.
The mathematical prediction was confirmed!

Be careful, nonetheless, because this first graph can easily be tricky. The fact that after a number of 100 Euro bets at the roulette table the player will averagely lose 2 Euros and 70 cents at every bet, does not imply that a player stepping into a casino with 100 Euros in his/her pocket will have, after a number of bets, 2 Euros and 70 cents less in his/her pocket ! In fact, after a quite high number of bets at the roulette table the player will have entirely lost the 100 Euros that he/she had when first entered the playroom! To better understand the meaning of the first graph, the conclusions that we drew must be read carefully.
According to the mathematical prediction, the higher the number of players at out roulette table, the more the average balance approaches a 2 Euro and 70 cent loss for every bet.
The key concept of the previous sentence is «for every bet». A player playing 100 Euros at the roulette table for a number of time will lose the same sum of money that is lost by a player losing exactly 2 Euros and 70 cents on every 100 Euro being bet. As it can be seen, considering the experiment that had been performed in Bolzano, while the average balance graph (above) tends to reach a steady expected 2 Euro and 70 cent value, the graph of the player's total balance (below) tends to be increasingly negative, as to say, the more you play the more you lose!

data gathered in Bolzano from October 14 to November 16, 2013

The same results, but concerning the Black-Jack table, can be found here below. The expected value for 100 Euros spent at the Black-Jack table can reach 99 euros and 30 cents provided that very precise rules are followed – hit, stand, split and surrender according to a strategy called "basic strategy". This means that a "good player" betting 100 euros a number of times at the Black-Jack table will lose 70 cents on average, for every bet. No strategy was applied at our table and players played a simplified Blackjack version: an average balance, increasingly lower as the bets increased, was then expected. In fact, after a number of 421 100 Euro bets, the players lost 6,035 euros globally, thus corresponding to an average 14 euros and 33 cents for every bet.

Monty Hall problem
data gathered in Bolzano from October 14 to November 16, 2013

The data gathered during the Monty Hall problem experiment are listed here below.
273 people participated in the game. 168 of them (70.9%) chose not to change door while 69 (29.1%) chose to change it. 168 people did not change door, 115 of them (68.5%) lost, whereas only 53 (31.5%) won. 69 people chose to change door, 55 (77,9%) of them won, whereas only 14 (20,3%) lost.

Most visitors preferred not to change door. The collected data show that changing door is better since the more one changes the higher the possibility to win, rather than remaining with the same door that was first chosen. If the experiment could have continued, the percentage of winners remaining with the same door would have been closer and closer to 33.3% and the percentage of winners changing door would have approached 66.7%.

Trento March 15th _ April 18th, 2013

The exhibition in Trento has come to an end.
4,447 people had the chance to visit it from March 15 to April 18, 2013 at the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto thanks to the combined efforts of the Municipality and Province of Trento, Fondazione Caritro, Casse Rurali Trentine, Coordinamento Nazionale Comunità Accoglienza, Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali and Associazione A.M.A. Auto Mutuo Aiuto onlus Trento.
UA special thanks to the fabolous team of science popularizers who, with an overall amount of 765.75 working hours, turned an idea into an unforgettable human experience for visitors: Aaron Gaio, Andrea Conci, Carlotta Gazzola, Diego Signore, Francesca Martinelli Marco Martinoli, Olmo Morandi, Marta Saccoletto, Matteo Conci and Silvio Lugaro.

In partnership with:

In collaboration with:
Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari, Arcidiocesi di Trento, Ordine degli Assistenti Sociali Trentino Alto Adige, Comune di Rovereto, Forum delle Associazioni Familiari, Cassa di Risparmio Sparkasse del Trentino, Associazione Occhio al Gioco.